Luxury Kahala Homes

This area offers some of the most expensive real estate on Oahu and it is a highly sought after beachfront community. It is often referred to as the “Beverly Hills” of the island. Kahala Ave. is the most premiere street for big ticketed homes and best ocean views of this section. Aukai and Kolohala Ave. also have some of the most expensive and highly coveted homes on Kahala. This prestigious region is home to Waialae Country Club and golf course, Kahala Mall, Waialae Beach Park and fine boutiques. Shopping, dining and recreation is at your fingertips and all with easy commute to downtown. The luxurious homes of Kahala offer oversized lots in some cases and the older ranch style homes are being renovated or torn down, making way for a newer and more extravagant homes.

These extravagant homes are like mini mansions and are drawing the attention of celebrities around the globe. Many celebrities have vacation homes in Kahala, as the name has long been associated with copiousness and wealth. The views can differ from mountainous to ocean but the lifestyle is the same, one of luxury and relaxation. The growing exclusivity of Kahala is not only making it more desirable but also harder to get. The homes here are spread out giving you more privacy in between neighbors. Also the region has flatter land than compared to other areas of Oahu. Kahala also is home to several secluded beaches that are way less populated than Waikiki. Kahala itself is a status symbol of wealth and prosperity.

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