North Shore

Luxury North Shore Real Estate

This is a luxury paradise specifically reserved for those who love being in the exquisiteness of the remote countryside or those who want to live a surfer’s dream lifestyle. This Utopia runs from Haleiwa to Waimea all along the Northern shores of Oahu. This is commonly referred to as “Big Wave” country. This section of the island is furthest away from the downtown hustle and bustle and is extravagantly remote. This is pure country luxury living, complete with backroads, peaceful tranquility and scattered farming communities. The main attractions in this area are the famous Pipeline, Waimea Bay and Ehukai Beach.

There are tons of gorgeous beaches and miles of breathtaking coastline to occupy all along the North Shore region. While there is not much city lifestyle, there are plenty of gratifying indulgences when living here: world-class golf courses, horseback riding, fishing and a surf scene that is unparalleled in the states. The luxurious homes offer ocean front views of some of the biggest waves in the world. White sandy beaches are your playground and a bountiful array of nature’s beauty. The beachfront condos offer a front row seat to boundless Pacific views and immeasurable luxury. One of the best parts at residing at the North Shore are the unobstructed views and the completely laid back lifestyle.